3 Things You Need to Know about Physical Therapy…

it is the treatment of physical and mental illnesses. Getting rehabilitative therapy helps in easing the pain and to gradually repair the most affected parts of our mental and physical aspects that have been damaged.

A major injury or acute illnesses can result to dysfunctional body coordination and movement. If the patient would want to be able to move again without trouble or pain, he/she needs therapy, specifically, Physical Therapy.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy (PT) is a physical rehabilitative medical specialty that helps in the remedy of impairments and encourages mobility, function and quality of life through examinations, diagnosis, prognosis and physical interventions.

Physical therapy management includes prescription of assistance with specific exercises and manual therapy and manipulation. Physical therapy should be worked upon the diagnosis or prognosis of the doctor to prevent the immobility of the patient’s bones and muscles.

Who are those who conduct Physical Therapy?

Mainly, the professionals who perform therapy are called therapists. Since this is physical therapy, these professionals are called Physical Therapists. They are the ones who will develop and plan fitness programs for the patients to have more active lifestyles. They provide services to patients to maintain and restore optimum mobility and functionality throughout their whole lives.

This professional career includes specialties that can really test the PTs flexibility in working from one specialty to another. PTs also practice in many settings, either private home care or in public rehabilitation hospitals and facilities.

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What are the Specialties involved in Physical Therapy?

The scope of physiology is wide and it co-exists with anatomy that also has a huge body of knowledge. Physical therapy involves both anatomy and physiology so OTs just specializes in a specific clinical area. The AMERICAN BOARD OF PHYSICAL THERAPY SPECIALTIES has listed eight specialist certifications. PTs that want to specialize in these particular areas will undergo intensive training.

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