Criminal Minds Actor Shemar Moore Goes Back to Work: Is He Returning As Derek Morgan?

Criminal Minds Actor Shemar Moore Goes Back to Work: Is He Returning As Derek Morgan?

Criminal Minds is gearing up for Season 12 without series veteran Shemar Moore. While this is a sad news to a legion of Derek Morgan fans, the actor believes the exit is a good thing for his acting career.

Criminal Minds Season 12: Shemar Moore’s Return A Big Possibility!

Just recently, Shemar Moore took to Instagram to update his fans about his latest gig. Moore, who gained so much popularity with his decade-long stint in Criminal Minds, said he is back to work after a long break. He shared a topless photo of himself while preparing for his first campaign for a French clothing company.

“I’m baaaaaaaaaaack….. Back yard chillin, tanning, n sippin’…” the actor wrote as caption. After Criminal Minds and his crowd-funded rom-com The Bounce Back, where else are we going to see Moore? It is possible we will see him return on Criminal Minds Season 12.

Following his exit this year, he confirmed that he is ready to come back for special appearances in the future. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said his last moment at the show does not mean goodbye. After all, Morgan was not killed in the show. They are just moving on with a new BAU agent.

He clarified that he did not leave Criminal Minds try to be a big star and make lots of money. “I’m just leaving to take a breath,” the actor explained.

When he is off-cam, he is working on his own merchandise, his Baby Girl clothing line. A large percentage of the proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, an organization he supports. He wants to help in raising money for multiple sclerosis research.

The Emmy–winning actor said it is a fun way of giving back and it also allows him to interact with fans. He has this “Baby girl of the day,” where he puts his fans on spotlight.

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