Does a Vegan Diet Cause People to Look Much More Beautiful

Does a Vegan Diet Cause People to Look Much More Beautiful

Science says that fruit and vegetable consumption helps people to look better

After writing this article, 3 months ago, I found the video below with science backing up what I was feeling– that plant-based foods help people look better. A report says:

Health is intimately linked with attractiveness. How do you tell if someone is healthy? You look for that golden glow that comes from the carotenoids in fruits and vegetables found to increase the attractiveness of African, Asian and Caucasian faces.

College students going from 3 servings a day to the recommended minimum of 9 servings a day for just 6 weeks significantly improved skin color.

Does a Vegan Diet Create Beautiful Looking People

The title of this article is also a question. Maybe it is a combination of the above and beautiful looking people loving animals and becoming vegan. The vegan diet is also called a plant-based diet.

I do know that people that were very overweight and had health problems were able to lose the weight and health problems. This article was written June 4, 2013.

Losing health problems and weight are facts like number of pounds lost. Now looking beautiful is subjective not objective. It is objective that 10 is a higher number than 5. But it is subjective whether one person looks better than another.

June 13, 2013 Update: The entertainment value of this article has just gone up. I just added to it a new music video with Megan Elizabeth that is in the pictures on the right. In the video she is kissing a woman. I have to check the website that it mentions to see if the other woman is also a raw vegan.

I do have another article that deals with the facts and science of a plant-based or vegan diet. See Latest Science on Health Benefits of a Plant-Based or Vegan Diet. Please note that the great Dr. Oz himself married a woman (Linda) that had been vegetarian since age 15!

Here is an article on The Examinercalled Dr. Oz: Why I follow a Vegetarian Diet. It says:

Surgeon and TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz has been a vegetarian for many years, saying eating whole, real plant foods gives him the energy to keep up with his hectic lifestyle.

People are attracted to different people. Although I was tellingCosette (the love of my life)(see pictures) about my vegan diet article and how it had a picture of Victoria and sent a link of that to her.

When Cosette saw Victoria Everett’s picture (on right) she said “Wow!” Victoria lost 120 pounds from adopting a raw vegan diet (the link under her picture has before and after pictures). Some decide to eat all their plant foods raw just like all the other animals on this planet except baboons.

One time I was watching baboons in the wild when they thought no one was looking and saw them cooking and eating food. No, just kidding. I eat a mostly raw vegan diet with lots of fruits and salads.

Spring 2014 Update

On the first day of spring, March 20, 2014, Victoria Everett posted this on Facebook:

Spring! Time to start buying fruit trees and plant them randomly throughout the city.

Sometimes I do it secretly. Mostly though I just knock on people’s doors and ask them where they want it planted on their yard. Most take me up on it! Only have had a small amount turn me away. The key is to smile really BIG. LOL [End of Update]

Here is a March 16, 2013 article on The Examiner called Jared Leto, 42, credits vegan diet and yoga workouts for age-defying good looks. It says:

Jared Leto credits a vegan diet and yoga workouts for his youthful good looks. Leto, who at 42 looks a decade younger, also doesn’t drink and makes sure he gets enough rest.

I love fruits like watermelon andcherries. In fact I can easily eat nothing but watermelons or cherries and nothing else for days.Huffington Post has an article byLeo Galland M.D. about how cherries reduce pain and inflammation better than aspirin. Watermelon can help ED and reduce high blood pressure. See Health Benefits of Watermelon.

Watermelons have a lot of potassium and more lycopene than tomatoes. When I eat them I feel great. They may be my single favorite food. For salads I go toTrader Joe’s and buy these gourmet salads and add some of their organic greens combinations to them.

The greens combination that I get (they have many) is called Herb Salad Mix. It contains (everything organic) red and green romaine, red & green oak leaf, red leaf, lollo rosa, tango, baby spinach, red & green chard, mizuna, arugula, frisee, radicchio, parsley, cilantro and dill.

Here is one of their salads to show how good I eat. Kale and Edamame Bistro Salad contains kale, edamame beans (soybeans), dried cranberries, grape tomatoes, sliced almonds, scallions (green onions) and a lemon herb dressing. AnotherTrader Joe’s salad that I like isSuper Spinach Salad. It contains spinach, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, grape tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, quinoa, edamame beans and carrot ginger miso dressing.

As far as beautiful or handsome looking celebrities that are vegan, you have Alicia Silverstone with her Kind Life blog and book (below),Woody Harrelson, Natalie Portman,Pamela Anderson (Borat loves her),Tobey Maguire (Spiderman), Leona Lewis, Paul McCartney(vegetarian), Alyssa Milano, Brad Pitt, Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Christina Applegate andBetty White (who is 90 years old) (see article below).

Here is an article about 50 celebrity vegetarians (many are vegan) with a picture slideshow with all of them. Before I wrote this article I read an article about how lots of pictures on an article make it a lot more interesting. Of course that is the main point of the article above about 50 celebrity vegetarians. It does show Mike Tyson and Bill Clintonthat are vegans or eat a plant-based diet. It does not show Roseanne Barr that became a vegan after having a heart attack at age 50. The last that I heard was that Demi Moore follows a raw vegan diet.

My motivation for writing this wasShelley Williams saying on her Facebook page that sometimes she feels like she is not good looking. She has many videos on Youtube and what attracted me to these videos was how great Shelley looked in them.

I have a Facebook friend, Lisa Levinson. She is a vegan and admits that she does have trouble getting along with people but she does love animals. In Philadelphiaevery year, there are a few days that baby frogs need to cross a road that cars travel on. It is not a high traffic road.

Every year she takes those few days to get some volunteers to make sure that the cars cross the road only when there are no frogs crossing it. So without her, all of these frogs would get run over. Now that is a very beautiful thing to do. I met her and her friend Yarrow while I was eating at a Chinese vegan restaurant called Singapore at Race and 6th streets in Philadelphia Chinatown. For about 10 years, I ate at this restaurant once a week and sometimes twice a week, every week. It has incredible tasting food. I love their fake fried duck.

Among the pictures is Erin Elizabeththat used to have a vegan retreat. Here is a story about her that she put on her Facebook page in June 2013:

Was just driving home from Farmer’s market when I saw a guy his wife or GF w their kid walking w their older large breed grey dog. It’s pretty hot here [Florida] and looked like ole’ dog might not be able to keep up so the guy was screaming at the poor old thing and yanking on his chain (w excessive force) when that didn’t work – then he shook the leash so it ricocheted and hit the dog who was scared to death (OBViously).

Well yours truly drove her car almost into the sidewalk to STOP this BS pronto. It’s not my style & not sure where I got the courage but I said tostop the abuse right now. And that NO animal (or kid or human) will ever be treated like that on my watch end of story!!! . I did it right in front of the woman and kid because maybe they’ll learn that Daddy doesn’t abuse an obviously petrified dog (or ANYone!) who couldn’t keep up in the heat. I would do it again in a heart beat. He wasn’t a big guy but I was much smaller – he did quit and just stared. I drove off.

Even if someone does not want to eat a vegan diet, they can always try to eat more plant-based foods and eat less animal foods. In fact they have something called Meatless Mondays where people avoid eating any meat on Mondays. The United States Department of Agriculture is encouraging Americans to eat more fruit and vegetables. They say that currently they do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Maybe we should have a Tofu Tuesday!

Joel Fuhrman M.D. says the following vegan foods prevent and heal disease. Health looks good whereas disease does not look good. He uses the acronym G-BOMBS to make it easier to remember. Eat greens, berries, onions, mushrooms, beans and seeds/nuts.

Does Dr. Oz say that the vegan or plant-based is the best diet for health?

Well Dr. Oz has a TV show that is supported by sponsors so he has to be careful what he says. But he did not just say the above, he proved it with numbers. He did an experiment that must have impressed him. He took 3 women and locked them up in a zoo.

All that they had to eat were raw fruits and vegetables, just like some other animals in the zoo. He calls itthe prehistoric diet. Some object to this because of what they heard about what man used to eat. But none of us were there in pre-historic times. It is all guessing. But the latest research shows that grains were there much further back then believed and man did not eat much meat. See my scientific article on this subject that I first mentioned above for more on this.

There was no refrigeration back then and if you do not eat meat right away it will get maggots. But you can leave fruits and vegetables lying around for days. So they did not want to go out hunting at every meal. So they take some time to gather a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and maybe some fungus (mushrooms) and then they got food that they can store and keep around and eat it at their leisure, just like you do now!

So getting back to these 3 women that you can watch while all this happens. They only ate raw fruits and vegetables for a few days to do what Dr. Oz calls the prehistoric diet. So what were the results. Well there were more bowel movements but that is anecdotal and not very scientific. But here are the medical results. After doing this for 3 days their average blood pressure went from 128/91 to 115/72.

As a medical doctor, Dr Oz explains how this is phenomenal or miraculous results. The average triglycerides in their arteries went from 138 to 88. The LDL went down 37 points and average weight went down 4 pounds. Then he has an expert come in and explain how to incorporate this miraculous experiment into your life without living in a zoo. And everything the expert suggests doing is plant based.

In fact the different colors of plant foods represent the different plant medicines in the foods that are called phytochemicals or phytonutrients. So the experts sorts the foods to eat by colors. Some animals are color blind (compared to us) but humans can see colors. So here is the link to the page of the first part of the video and from there you can go and watch the other parts of the video and see what I am talking about for yourself.

So go to this page on the Dr. Oz website to see all this, starting with part 1. So Dr. Oz has demonstrated the power of the plant-based orvegan diet. The side effects of blood pressure medications are a nightmare. Also they do not extend someone’s life span at all. But what did you think? Do you think that a guy with high blood pressure who exercises more, loses weight and switches to a very healthy diet and has normal blood pressure is in the same boat as a guy with a terrible diet, overweight and does not exercise but lowers his blood pressure to normal with medications?

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