Ella Koon is recovering from Bell’s Palsy

Ella Koon is recovering from Bell’s Palsy

Hong Kong singer Ella Koon, who is suffering from Bell’s Palsy which causes the right side of her face to droop, recently revealed that her facial paralysis has recovered by 80 percent.

As reported on Mingpao, while speaking to the media at the launch of Rosebullet womenswear recently, the singer was all smiles as she disclosed that she can now return to her work.

“I still need help in some things, but right now, I am recovering happily,” she enthused.

She also thanked Liza Wang and NowTV executive, Ho Lai Chuen for sharing some traditional Chinese remedies with her.

Asked if she would definitely marry her boyfriend after seeing how he took care of her during the trying times, Ella replied, “Not yet. But this incident has taught me to cherish life even more and to spend more time with loved ones.”

Bell’s palsy is a type of paralysis that results in facial drooping due to a damage of the facial nerves. The singer first revealed her condition in mid September, saying that it may need at least three months to recover.

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