How to Understand your Wife’s Depression during Menopause

How to Understand your Wife’s Depression during Menopause

Menopause is a part of life for every woman in the world. Usually occurring around the mid-40s to mid-50s, its signs and symptoms affect more than 70% of the female population. If it happens to your wife it can be difficult to recognize or understand.

Your wife is your world, but with the fluctuations that she’s struggling through during menopause it can be difficult for both of you. It can be tricky, but what you need to do is understand your wife’s menopausal depression first, and then you can try to help.

Easy Steps to Understand Your Wife’s Depression during Menopause

1.What is Depression?

Depress woman: continuous negative thoughts and feelings are characteristic of depressionThe first step in understanding your wife’s depression during menopause is to realize what it is. We know that depression is where we feel down or miserable for a continual period, which can lead to clinical depression. During menopause depression is more commonplace.

Fluctuations in the estrogen and progesterone hormones in a woman’s body are the common cause for this mood disorder. It can be a complex and difficult problem to understand, so any sufferer will need attention and care from loved ones.

2.Why Is It Happening to My Wife?

You need to realize that your wife’s depression is unlikely to be your fault, so don’t blame yourself. The onset of menopause can cause many symptoms as a result of hormone changes, and this is likely to be the reason for your wife’s depression. Don’t panic though, because it is possible to overcome this problem.

3.How Can I Help My Wife?

Couple on the beach: support your wife can help her feel betterBeing there for your wife and encouraging positivity can go a long way in helping her feel better. Ensure that she has space but also love. Alongside this, lowering her stress levels is important, and encouraging (but not telling or pressures) her to do things such as seeing a medical expert, changing her diet or increasing her exercise can only be a good thing.

4.When Will It End?

Fighting depression can be a horrible and difficult experience for a woman. However much strain it may be putting on your relationship, you have to keep an open mind. Treatments and love go a long way to helping a depressed person but, ultimately, it is important that the person addresses their true feelings in order to beat depression.

5.Can We Still Be Happy?

Depression can put a huge strain on every aspect of life for bot. Positivity is contagious though, and keeping a smile on your face even when your wife can’t will help set a positive example in the fight against depression.

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