The Reasons Why Unloved Daughters Fall For Narcissists…

Not all lovers are true lovers; and, no one knows it better than the narcissist himself. A narcissist is the Prince Charming of his own world who really does know how to lure the girls with his handsome face and, strong and arrogant personality.

He is the one who literally preys upon women for fulfilling his own desires. While many of the women do understand when they come across a narcissist guy and try to keep away from him, yet, there are many to become the play doll of these men. And, while you must be guessing who these unfortunate women possibly are, let me take you down the lane and tell you about why and how these women mistake a narcissist for a true lover.

Narcissists mostly target the women who are insecure or are feeble from an emotional point of view. In fact, they pick up those women who can be easily manipulated. However, you must be thinking that despite having a personality of their own, how is it that these women fall for the betrayal of the narcissists, right? Well, to answer your question, let me bring up a scenario.

The Reasons Why Unloved Daughters Fall For Narcissists
What if you had parents who did not make you feel loved and special in the innocent days of your childhood? What is all you heard from your parents and siblings that you are good for nothing and they regret having you as a member of their family? What if you grew up in an ambiance that had no resemblance to a happy and peaceful life? Are you not going to get deviated from the normal flow of life that marks love and happiness? Are you not going to hibernate and wait for the prince of your life to come and set you free? Are you not going to be on a constant lookout for someone who would love you and pamper you the way you are?

This is exactly what a narcissist looks for when he is hunting down a woman; he is actually looking for an unloved daughter.

For those who do not how to identify and avoid a narcissist, you can hunt down all your girlfriends who might fall prey to a man of this sort.

And, those of you who need help dealing with them read on to understand how a narcissist might use your behavior as his weapon.

Your insufficiency makes him feel powerful!

If you have not received ample love and attention from your loved ones, you are bound to crave for attention all the time. For you, a man is not just someone whose company you want, but he is someone whose company you need the most. This is the turning point in the life of a narcissist.