The Type Of MS Pain I Am Feeling…

Well I thought I should take the time to explain the pain I have been going through since this is a rather new symptom that seems to be sticking around.

I have always had random sharp shooting pain here and there but by random I mean like once every month or two. Now I am getting them multiple times every single day. Imagine a sciatica in your arm, shoulder, back, temple. I can litterally tell where my nerves are as a result of the pain! Sometimes its settle, ignorable, and sometimes it makes me stop in my tracks waiting for it to pass. I think about when Montel Williams described his pain as someone stabbing a hot poker into his heel and moving it around only I imagine an object sharper, skinnier, and electrified rather then heated. My torturer stabs it deep into the center of a random limb, shoves it in all the way, and then pulls it out all in an instance.

What is completely new is the random sensations of being poked or stabbed with a needle. This can happen anywhere from my leg to my throat and once I even felt it on my eyelid! It’s sharp and sudden and makes me jump just like when I would get a shot as a child with my eyes closed shut. Only difference is this pain catches me by utter surprise! Sometimes it’s not that bad though, instead of a needle it merely feels like a ballpoint pen and I’m not being sarcastic here, I still jump but it’s more out of shock then pain.

Another more consistant pain is in my fingers and sometimes spreads up my hands and even my arms. This pain feels as though someone has smacked the top of my fingers with a hammer and trust me, I know what that feels like. This is more of a radiating pain and sucks more then the last two because it lasts for a while before taking a break plus it come back over and over throughout the day. Sometimes it spreads across my hands and arms and when it does it kind of feels like when you smack your palms or bare feet on the cement,,, Maybe you don’t know how that feels but its not pleasent.

Ever had joint pain? Sure you have! Ever had super joint pain? Maybe. Well that’s what I got. Mostly in my elbows and knees but what’s weird is it will come out of nowhere unlike achy arthritus. I’ll be fine one moment and then out of nowhere my knee is killing me! I’ll stretch it, crack it, and nothing. Then it goes away… This is some pretty strong pain too and lasts a while as well. Hurts worse in my elbows, usually my left.

Lastly, I finally know the difference between pins and needles and the burning sensation that people sometimes talk about. For weeks now my right arm, shoulder, and back have felt like they were burnt! And not lightly, I mean pot of hot water or really bad, skin peeling, sun burn, burnt! I almost thought I actually burnt myself but my skin was not red or anything! Now part of it is going numb so I know for sure that this is just the MS acting up but this one has been extremely annoying because any time my shirt rubs against my skin I can feel it!

I started taking Gabapentin the other day as I am running out of Norco’s and Percocet and I figure I can’t take them all day everyday and since this pain has been around for a few weeks I guess it’s time to take a long term medication for it. Of course it will take a few weeks to kick in but I’m already feeling the sedative effects… Been so tired and strangely not as stressed… Not sure if the stress part is related or not but either way I’m fine with it!