Why One Doctor Says A Vegan Diet Will Kill You

Why One Doctor Says A Vegan Diet Will Kill You

A Vegan lifestyle isn’t a healthy one and can make you sick and kill you. That is the opinion of Dr Vic Shayne, PhD. It’s bad enough to hear these things from uneducated family members and co-workers. But why would a doctor make such a claim? I was reading his article on health and nutrition when I saw his claims and the reason behind them. So what are his medical reasons and facts to back up his claims? I put them in a short, easy to read format so you can check them out for yourself. And please comment and let us know if he has any truth at all to his claims!

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Read Dr Vic Shayne, PhD’s reasons why a vegetarian or vegan will get sick and die. Then comment on this post and let us know what you think!

Consider the fact that a vegetarian, true to her credo, can remain a loyal vegetarian by consuming Pepsi, donuts, coffee, GMO corn, her body weight in sugar each year, pretzels, soy ice cream, white bread and potato chips. This would be a terrible diet, but it would also qualify as vegetarian. By eating these foods you would not merely be complying with vegetarianism, but you’d also be paving the road to death and disease.

The same picture can be painted for someone who eats only organic food. Breakfast cereals, sugar, candy, cookies and chocolate milk can all be organic, but this has nothing to do with whether it is healthful.

All vegetarians (and Vegans) need good sources of proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carotenoids, flavonoids and essential fatty acids from real, whole foods and not vitamin pills or processed, enriched products. And they need to eat real foods that grow out of the ground in the most natural conditions.

My thoughts? Of course a Vegan or Vegetarian can eat unhealthy food. That doesn’t mean being A vegan is deadly! You still have to make good choices. Articles like this give a healthy lifestyle a bad name! What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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